First things first:


TREKFY is a lifestyle and travel blog written to share our memories, experiences and tips.

We are a Polish couple who loves to spend active time and discover new places. In our daily lives Joanna is a Software Engineer. She plays tennis a lot but has’t won any Wimbledon yet… Some say she’s a car enthusiast, even an Alfaholic. Adam is an experienced SAP Consultant. He’s passionate about new ideas and technology. He takes photographs as well.

Enjoy and write us what you think!

Joanna & Adam


  • Fall in the city
  • In the woods 🌲 🌳
  • Wanna go paddling? 🛶
  • A weekend by the lake. 🏡 Tag someone you would take there!
  • Rolling through the park 🍁
  • The most picturesque of the seasons 🍂
  • Fall hikes
  • Love these cottages by the lake, but they look even better in the fall 🍂
  • Welcome back guys! It’s been awhile, since I posted here. Many things have changed in my life that I had to take care of. In the meantime, I traveled a lot, so expect more content to come. Thank you for staying around, Adam✌️

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