One year in Toronto
It has been exactly one year since we moved to Canada. We’ve enjoyed every single day here and are grateful for every new experience, good or bad, and all the lessons learnt. We are looking forward to the next year on Canadian soil, hopefully with even more travel, self-development, meeting new people and less formality or paperwork… Happy one year in Canada to us! 😉
Chris Hadfield - Buffer Festival
If you keep up with the Internet trends and follow major social media channels you must have heard about the Space Oddity cover by Commander Chris Hadfield. Just as every Astronaut, he is an exceptional and inspiring person. Col. Hadfield took part in 3 space missions and became the first Canadian to walk in space and command the International Space Station. He also contributed to the release of the new astronaut-themed five dollar bill by The Bank of Canada.
Here’s a sneak peek of the vids from our last trip to Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. Our trip in numbers: 16 days en-route 2 flights 3500 km drive 70km hike 5 National Parks 2 major cities 1 glacier 1 rodeo 3 Bears 12345 lakes, mountains & trains 🙂
TImelapse from the islands
Have you recently seen someone with a camera, in many different locations in Toronto, capturing one image for half an hour or so? That was probably us taking time lapse clips for our new video – A DAY IN TORONTO.
The Hip
It’s an interesting question to ponder: What band could bring your country to a standstill? For Canadians, the answer is simple: It’s the Tragically Hip.
Chicago - Cloud Gate
Wow, what a weekend! Two weeks ago we decided to take advantage from the incoming long weekend and go for a road trip to Chicago.
Toronto IndyCar
It has been over 7 months since we moved to Toronto and we try to enjoy every single day here. As car enthusiasts we couldn’t miss the Honda IndyCar Race.
As a newcomer one of the very first things you should consider doing when you come to Canada is getting your driving licence. There are many public modes of transport such as buses, streetcars, subway, trains… however they are not as convenient and reliable as an own car.